Tammie Brown
Basic info
Also known as -
Real name Keith Glen Schubert
Age 26 (Season 1)

31 (All Stars)

Hometown Long Beach, CA
Season Breakdown
Season 1

All Stars

Placement 8th (Season 1)

Equal 10th (All Stars, with Nina Flowers)

Tammie Brown, real name Keith Glen Schubert, was a contestant who appeared in both Season 1 and RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race.

Pre-Drag Race Edit

Tammie was born in Corpus Christi, TX on September 15, 1980. She began her drag career during highschool, performing in drag for theatrical productions. Prior to her time on Drag Race, she appeared as an actress both in Drag and out of drag, on programs such as The Surreal Life and How Clean Is Your House?

Season 1 Edit

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Tammie first appeared on RuPaul's Drag Race as a contestant on the first season. She placed safe during Episode 1 ("Drag on a Dime").

During Episode 2 ("Girl Groups"), she was last chosen during team selection and worked with Akashia, BeBe Zahara Benet and Jade to perform the Destiny's Child song Independent Women. With Akashia's group losing the challenge, Tammie placed Bottom 2 with Akashia. Tammie chose not to lip sync to the song (We Break the Dawn by Michelle Williams), and was sent home by Akashia.

During Episode 9 "Re-United!" Tammie famously argued with RuPaul, leading to one of her most notorious lines, "I don't see you walking children in nature!".

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All Stars Edit

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In 2011, Tammie was invited to compete in RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race. She was paired with Nina Flowers, creating Team Brown Flowers. In Episode 1 "It Takes Two", Tammie was praised for her campy performance during the photoshoot mini challenge, and the team placed safe.

Episode 2 "RuPaul's Gaff-In" saw the teams compete in a comedy challenge whilst impersonating a celebrity of their choice. Tammie chose to impersonate Tammy Faye Messner, and was ultimately criticized by the judges for a lack of characterization, being told that she only presented her own personality, not that of her celebrity. Michelle Visage criticized Tammie's 60s inspired runway look for being inaccurate to true 60s fashion, which lead to Tammie again arguing openly with the judge. Team Brown Flowers fell into the bottom for their performance, and Tammie chose to lip sync against Team Latrila (represented by Latrice Royale) to Ethel Merman's There's No Business Like Show Business. Tammie's performance was unsuccessful, which lead to her team's elimination.

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Post-Drag Race Edit

After her elimination from Season 1, Tammie released her debut album Popcorn in 2009. She has since released a second album, Hot Skunx / Zorillos Caliente in 2009, and has appeared in music videos with several of her fellow Drag Race competitors. She appeared in advertisements for the Allstate Corporation and Orbitz Worldwide. She was photographed for Gorgeous, a photography project including fellow Drag Race contestant Miss Fame. She is currently a member of the band Rollz Royces with Michael Catti and Drag Race contestant Kelly Mantle.

Discography Edit



Song Year Album
"Discos Undead" 2010 Non-album single
"Love Piñata" 2012
"Whatever It May Be" (feat. Bownce) 2014

Music videosEdit

Song Year Director
"Whatever" 2007 Rod Barroso
"Shakabuku U"
"The Ballad of Tiger Lilly" 2009
"Discos Undead" 2010
"Clam Happy"
"Love Piñata" 2012
"Amigos Son Héroes/La Telaraña" 2014 Bri Cirel

Filmography Edit

Year Title Role Notes
2010 Mouse's Birthday Keith Glen Schubert
2011 The Summer of Massacre Clubber #2
2011 Fest Selects: Best Gay Shorts, Vol. 1 Keith Glen Schubert
2013 I Am Divine Tammie Brown


Year Title Role Notes
2004 How Clean Is Your House? Keith Glen Schubert "Philthy Philharmonic"
2007 America's Got Talent Keith Glen Schubert "L.A. auditions"
2009 RuPaul's Drag Race Tammie Brown
2010 RuPaul's Drag U Tammie Brown Episode 7: "Mother vs Daughters"
2010 The Arrangement Keith Glen Schubert Episode 6
2012 RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race Tammie Brown

Music video appearancesEdit

Year Song Director
2005 "Twisted Transistor" (Korn) Dave Meyers
2007 "She's Madonna" (Robbie Williams) N/A
2008 "Mm-ma-ma" (Crazy Loop) N/A
2011 "Sleepless in Silverlake" (Les Savy Fav) Tom Bingham
2012 "Responsitrannity" (RuPaul) N/A
2012 "Queen" (Xelle) JC Cassis
2012 "The Chop" (Manila Luzon & Latrice Royale) Syuji Honda
2014 "Eliminated" (Kelly Mantle feat- Bownce & Wendy Ho) Kija Manharé