Biography Edit

Basic info
Also known as Alaska Thunderfuck 5000
Real name Justin Honard
Age 27
Hometown Pittsburgh, PA
Season Breakdown
Season 5
Placement Runner Up

Alaska's real name is Justin Andrew Honard. Alaska chose the name (Alaska Thunderfuck) because she explains she was very stoned during college and heard her friends talking about a strain of marijuana they smoked whilst in Amsterdam named "Alaskan thunderfuck" and she liked how it sounded so she wrote it down and thats how it became her drag name. Alaska was born in in Erie, Pennsylvania. When she was young she would dress up in her grandmother's tennis dresses and fur coats and would model in the living room, and her father would call her Justina.

Justin studied Theater in University of Pittsburgh. After graduation he moved to LA to get more acting jobs, and there she started doing drag professionally. He met Sharon Needles during a holiday break he went back to Pittsburgh, and shortly after they met he moved back there.

Alaska was in a relationship with Sharon Needles. During season four, Sharon explained that Alaska had auditioned for every single season of drag race, but that Sharon had made it through on her first try. Alaska later explained that while she was upset at first about Sharon's success, she decided it was better to be her biggest fan. they were announced as the drag race "royal couple" and "super couple" until Alaska and Sharon announced their separation on December 19, 2013, explaining that it was the best thing to do and they are currently still friends, more information on their separation can be found here and here with Sharon saying, quote: “Due to the severe change not only in mine but Alaska’s life, the survival of our partnership relies on simply changing the word 'boy' in boyfriend to 'best,'" Needles stated. "And because of my severe vanity, I’d like to keep my social media as a place dedicated to my art, and not a place to talk about my personal life. RuPaul once said that people come into our lives for different reasons for different intervals of time. I will treasure the four years we had together.”